About Amy

Securing a Property Management role at a young age, Amy Burges shows drive and determination towards her career. Amy has worked within the industry for over 3 years. Her diverse background has provided her with a well-rounded understanding of property management, from leasing and tenant relations to portfolio management.

Amy ensures her clients are always well-informed by maintaining regular communication and updating them on property-related matters. Her approach is focused on creating a sense of care and attentiveness, understanding that these qualities are vital in fostering trust and satisfaction among her clients. Amy’s bubbly and positive attitude allows her to approach every situation with a can-do mindset, tackling challenges head-on and finding creative solutions. Her ability to adapt to different personalities and maintain a positive outlook has earned her a reputation for exceptional customer service.

Outside of work, she enjoys going to the gym, taking weekend road trips, and exploring Sydney’s beautiful beaches during the summer.