About Alicia

Introducing Alicia Azzi, our diligent Property Manager at Village Property. Straight out of high school, Alicia embarked on her journey in settlement services, specialising in off-the-plan apartments. Leveraging this background, she brings valuable experience to her role, ensuring efficient management for our clients.

With meticulous attention to detail and effective communication, Alicia guarantees a seamless experience for tenants and landlords alike. Her proactive approach ensures that every aspect of property management is handled with care and efficiency, instilling confidence and providing peace of mind to all stakeholders.

Trust Alicia to navigate the complexities of property management with professionalism and dedication. She consistently delivers exceptional results for our esteemed clients at Village Property. Alicia's dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to our team. In her spare time, she plays team sports and loves spending time with her family and friends, embodying a well-rounded individual committed to both work and personal pursuits.